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What is Ballates barre?

It’s an exercise class combining the best of Ballet Barre, Pilates & Yoga which includes a series of controlled exercises that are designed to strengthen, stretch and tone your body. Ballates Barre improves core and whole body strength & tone, your flexibility and posture for an invigorating full body workout. This dynamic and graceful class not only burns fat and calories but tones and elongates your muscles. 

What can I expect?

You usually start in the centre of the room - at times light weights are used to focus on upper body and add more of a challenge to the exercise and postures as you warm up. The focus of the warm-up is to align the body so the correct muscles are activated in order to hold your balance and develop co-ordination while getting the heart rate up and warming the muscles.

You then move to the barre. Here you will be doing ballet movements, this is where the real hard work and challenges begin. The barre section finishes with a good stretch and then you move on to mat for some conditioning of the body and core using props. This will increase your flexibility and improve your body awareness.

What is Hiit Mat Pilates?

This class is more dynamic and intense than a standard Mat class. It combines Pilates mat exercises with the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to stretch, strengthen and sculpt the body as well as challenge and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Hiit Pilates offers heart/lung conditioning as well as greater muscular and postural benefits. Your instructor will always give you an option to make any exercise more challenging or modify it to your strength.

It’s a fantastic way to lose weight and gain a more aligned, toned body in a matter of weeks.

What is Ballet Stretch?

Did you know that regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise? Most of us neglect this aspect of any fitness regime, even though stretching has major benefits. Hopefully these reasons will inspire you to make it part of your schedule!

  • Helps improve flexibility and mobility (increases your range of motion)
  • Assists in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position (because of so much time at our computers, many of us have tight chest muscles which pulls the shoulders and head forward, leaving us with a hunched shoulder look)
  • Potential to decrease injury by preparing muscles for work before activity
  • Increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby possibly reducing muscle soreness

In this class we dedicate 60 minutes to different Ballet Stretches designed to encourage your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be comfortable in a more extended state.

Russian Classical Ballet

This class focuses on ballet technique, pointe, variations, pas de deux, stretch, conditioning and is taught by Russian ballet instructors who received their training and graduated from world famous Russian ballet academies.

Private Classes

Private Sessions can be arranged with an instructor of your choice and will be tailored exactly to your needs and strength. If you would like to focus on a particular muscle group or improving your body awareness whilst working at the pace and level you choose, try out our one to one classes.



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